Kalash School Land – Pakistan


More than 2 years on from the devastating floods that hit the Kalash Valleys, in northern Pakistan, the children of Balanguru Village are still without a primary school building.

Flooding destroyed much of the already fragile infrastructure in July 2013, including homes, communal buildings, water channels and crops. The small primary school building was washed down the valley, leaving students without their classrooms. Since then the children have been taking classes outdoors (and in tents as pictured below) with no formal school setting.

While the Pakistani government has agreed to provide a new building, parents and Kalash leaders are understandably concerned about re-building the school on the same exposed plot of land for fear of future flooding.

  DSC004221-1024x680 Pakistan Kalash school teacher desk res

What we are doing

The Wild Frontiers Foundation set up a Kalash Land Appeal to raise the £5000 needed to purchase an alternative piece of land and accommodate the primary school students in a much safer environment.

With the generous support of Wild Frontiers clients who have visited the people of the Kalash and various fundraising events we hope to raise the funds this year.

The total raised to date is now over £3500 and with your help we can hit our goal.