Dewali School Support – Rajasthan, India

In his tour leading days JP Sharma, manager of our India office, took Wild Frontiers clients to visit his home village while on tour through Rajasthan.

Along with his mum’s house, JP took them to visit the Dewali Village School – a government school attended by children from 5 to 14-years-old.

Dwali School Project India 1 500x300 Dwali School Project India - new uniforms 500 x300

‘When we visited the school the clients were shocked to see the children sitting on stone floor during the winter, which gets quite cold’, JP said.

‘The children were doing their work sitting cross legged, which is not good for their body or their eyes.’

The clients wanted to do something for the children, so came together and through the Wild Frontiers Foundation generously donated £1200 for the purchase of 100 tables and chairs. The children were also given school uniforms, which they are proudly sporting in this photo.