Bijaipur Village – Rajasthan, India


The village of Bijaipur in rural Rajasthan is close to our hearts. With deep-rooted connections to Rao Narendra Singh and his charming family at Castle Bijaipur, Wild Frontiers groups have been visiting and staying in the Rajasthani village for the better part of 10 years. Through the foundation we are able to give back to worthy educational and conservation projects in the rural community that we have grown so fond of.

Bijaipur Village

What we did

To help regenerate barren village land we set up a tree planting programme with Wild Frontiers clients lending a helping hand during their time spent in Bijaipur.

Supporting the local village school, we have helped install a computer lab, supplied additional text books, along with 10 wrestling mats. When donating don’t assume you know best! A new teacher at the school was a wrestling champion and was keen to teach the sport to his students.

With a growing need for extra facilities at the local hospital we supplied three additional beds for the comfort of new mums in the maternity ward.

Bijaipur hospital BijaipurPlanting

The Outcome

The barren village land now boosts around 400 thriving trees. The regeneration programme continues and we hope to plant another 1000 trees.

The students at the school continue to benefit from the computer lab and after much dedication and practice, a number of students have made it through to the National Wrestling Championships.

New mums continue to benefit from the additional facilities in the hospital maternity ward.

Our support for this small community which has warmly welcomed us continues…..