Community Support

Along with our commitment to long-term projects, the Wild Frontiers Foundation also supports communities we visit with funding for a particular need – from contributing to a new bus to ferry children to and from school in Ladakh to donating new beds for the maternity ward at the Bijaipur village hospital in Rajasthan, India.

Ladakh School Bus

In May 2011 the Wild Frontiers Foundation was asked to help raise funds for a bus to transport children of the remote Zanskar region, in India’s far northern state of Ladakh, to school.


Bijaipur Village

The village of Bijaipur in India is close to our hearts. Through the foundation we are able to give back to education and conservation projects in a community that we have grown so fond of.


Dewali School

In his tour leading days JP Sharma, manager of our India office, took Wild Frontiers clients to visit his home village and its local school while travelling in Rajasthan.


Get involved

DSC_1277Trek through the Danakil Depression, one of the hottest and harshest places on earth, to Erta Ale Volcano before venturing high into the Simien Mountains to summit Ras Dashan – taking you from the lowest to highest points in Ethiopia. This charity trek is a major fundraiser the Wild Frontiers Foundation. Ethiopia is one of our favourite countries, which we have enjoyed travelling to for over 10 years. With its diverse and challenging environments, it makes the perfect setting for a fundraising trip that will help give back to young people in a community that is close to our heart. Find out more »


Trekking in Pakistan