Chitral School Scholarship, Pakistan


Prince Maqsood ul-Mulk, a member of the former ruling family of the princely state of Chitral in northern Pakistan, came to the Wild Frontiers Foundation asking if we could help fund an educational trust to assist under privileged children of the Ayun Valley – including the people of the Kalash – continue into higher education.

Chitral School Scholarship 1

What we did

The foundation set up a scholarship programme to offer talented students, of either sex or any ethnic and religious background, the opportunity to go on to attend college in Chitral Town. For many in this remote region it is the only chance they have to gain further education.

The Outcome

Since the programme was established in 2012, five students a year have been awarded a scholarship, the majority of whom have gone on to study for degrees at both the colleges for girls and boys in Chitral.

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