After unexpectedly heavy rainfall in Chitral and the wider Hindu Kush region of northern Pakistan, in July 2013, a flash flood tore through the Kalash Valley of Rumbur doing immeasurable damage.

Water channels, electricity supplies, roads, even entire fields, were washed way, down the Rumbur River leaving a trail of debris and destruction. With no electricity or drinking water and continued rainfall, the Kalash Valley was left devastated.

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Wild Frontiers Managing Director, Jonny Bealby, managed to contact to a shell-shocked Saifullah – a friend and the chief spokesperson for the Kalash of Rumbur – and agreed to send funds from the Wild Frontiers Foundation to help restore the main power supply and drinking water to the community.

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The £3000 donation from the foundation was generously topped up by a further £1136 by Wild Frontiers clients who knew Saifullah not only as the spokesperson for the community, but the charming host of the guesthouse where they stayed when visiting the Kalash.

In excess of £4000 was sent to the people of the Kalash, a marginalised minority tribe in this remote and almost inaccessible region, to assist with recovery efforts and help rebuild the water channels, fix damaged buildings and plant new crops.