Water-to-Go Aid Plastic Waste Project

As a part of a Wild Frontiers initiative to help reduce plastic water bottle waste, Water-to-Go are offering Wild Frontiers clients a 15% discount on their filtered water bottles, plus will donate a further 15% to our foundation. The monies raised will aid a new project that we currently setting up to clear plastic waste and educate communities in the Kalash Valleys of northern Pakistan.

One of the things that has also impressed us about Water-to-Go is that they have recently launched their product in India in an effort to offer clean drinking water for local people, as well as travellers, and help to cut the ever increasing problems plastic bottle waste in another country that is very close to the heart of Wild Frontiers.

Visit www.watertogo.eu, read more about their products and purchase bottles with your 15% Wild Frontiers discount by adding the code WILDFRONTIERS15 at checkout.